2 thoughts on “Gear

  1. Dear Bob,

    first of all congratulations on your great playing !!!

    Being a prof. guitar player myself I would appreciate, if you could share with me some insight on how you achieved a certain rhythm sound i fell in love with in the 80ies, listening to guys like Paul Jackson jr. and the likes …
    It’s a sound that’s often referred to as “bubble-strat” and that I heard recently on one of your recordings for Hans Zimmer:
    “Dropzone” soundtrack, title: “Too Many Notes…”

    I would really appreciate, if you could quickly explain to me, how you achieve this sound:
    guitar: probably a Stratocaster of some kind
    strings: gauge (thinner than .010 ?!?)
    pick ups: EMG SA strat PUs ?! …or stock passive Fender ?!
    pick up position: probably “out of phase” position between bridge & middle PU ?!
    amp or straight to the board ?! Or both ?! Which amp, if so ?! Or some special pre-amp ?!
    additional effects ?! Chorus, delay, filter, EQs ?!

    O.K., I think that’s about it !

    So thank you very much in advance, all the best to you and kind regards from Hamburg / Germany,


    1. Hi Roland,

      Thank you for getting in touch!

      I apologize for taking so long in responding, but I’m just getting this note now. There is a forwarding issue with my wordpress site that I need to address.

      I have a horrible memory – but I’ll go back and take a listen to that one and see if it conjures up any recollections. Offhand, I know that my main strat back then was a Fender American standard – yes, probably standard gauge .010 (D’Addario Nickel). Very likely the stock pickups back then. Amp wise, I had a Bogner Ecstasy & Matchless HC-30 back then – I would guess it was the Matchless, but both amps had great clean sounds. I didn’t do much straight-to-the-board recording.

      Typically, I never used many effects – I did have an SDX-330 in the rack back then, though. It would have been that unit, or maybe double tracked? Double tracked seems more likely.


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