Project N-fidelikah

Had a great time mixing this record!

The band: Project N-fidelikah is a new funk punk ghetto underground quartet who’s roster enlists George Lynch on guitar, Chris Moore on drums, Pancho Tomaselli on bass and Angelo Moore on vocals.



HTML5 SoundCloud update

I’m always the last kid on the block to figure this stuff out…

Apparently, the SoundCloud player on my blog was not showing up on iOS devices – because it was essentially a Flash player. At some point, they allowed users to create an HTML5 player which does show up on iPads, iPhones, etc.
The new player looks much better, and displays photos too!

So feel free to check out the new player on my Audio page! Thanks for listening!

HD500 Limitations & Add ons

The Looper in the HD500 is mono. Kind of a shame for a device with so many stereo effects.

My quick fix was to grab a Boss RC-3 and put it in the FX loop. I also have a Digitech Timebender in the loop before the RC-3. Now it’s very easy to get full stereo ambient effects. If I get more into looping using this method, I may swap out the RC-3 for something a little more involved.

ps – the fx send from the HD500 is a stereo send if you use a TRS to 2 x TS cable.

Obviously the board (if you can call it that) is kind of messy right now –